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Working Together
by mjmoran on Thu 16th Feb 2006 08:33 UTC
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Well, in truth, I doubt if most DEVELOPERS of oss projects are as polarized at their followers. Now, for commercial development, even commercial oss development, I bet they are a little tighter wound(after all it is their livelihood), but still probably not as much as the users. Right now im sitting around a cluster of machines running Mac OS 10.4, Mac OS 8.6, Linux(a few flavors), and Windows XP and thats just my personal machines! Now, I do happen to think that for 90% of tasks Linux is the better choice, but its that other 10% that has me using my mac and my xp box(music production and games, respectfully)

Actually, I wonder if its alot like people's political preferences. There was a study last year that suggested that when someone saw an ad that supported their candidate the person's brain responded by processing it with the logical parts of the brain(its a simplification, i know) and when they saw something that was a negative their brain processed it in the emotional parts of the brain. I assume a similar thing happens.

In terms of actual programs, I support many different programs for the same thing, each catering to a particular audience(or in the case of emacs, the audience being people who want it all), however, I think that open standards are important. Lets face it, if Microsoft used opendoc they would still sell Office, and if it was ported to other platforms(other than Mac) they would sell even more copies. I think a lot of the infighting is people who take things to extremes. In the case of opendoc and Mass. using it either no one would buy office or Microsoft would sue openoffice for using their scheme. And truth be told, neither event would happen. People would still buy Office if Mass. went to opendoc, and if Microsoft sued OSS office suites that used MS's format, the DOJ would bitchslap them into the 80's. Its these extremes that cause most of the infighting, and the impact that an extreme would have on our lives/jobs/etc.


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