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Shiny happy people
by Tyr. on Thu 16th Feb 2006 11:04 UTC
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Can't we all just get along ? Well, no. Opposing viewpoints will always exist and a good thing too. There will always be heated debate too which likewise is a goos thing because when done right it forces both sides to refine their arguments and force them to think critically about both their own and their opponents point of view.

Ofcourse online a lot of paople tend to degenerate into name-calling and rehashing fixed points of view. Which may be seen as proof of the "Greater Internet f--kwad Theory" ( ) but these people exist offline too. The rules of etiquette have always stated that you should avoid discussing politics and religion in polite conversation to avoid ugly arguments for example.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I think indeed we are hardwired to argue. A minority can do it rationally and around them there exists large accretion disks of accolytes whose job it is to spread the orthodoxy.

Edit: hey, I've been censored! Has that always been there?

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