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Databases Oracle tried to acquire open-source database maker MySQL, an indication of the profound changes the software giant is willing to make as it adapts to the increasingly significant collaborative programming philosophy. MySQL Chief Executive Marten Mickos confirmed the acquisition attempt in an interview at the Open Source Business Conference here but wouldn't provide details such as when the approach was made or how much money Oracle offered.
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Not hard to believe
by saterdaies on Thu 16th Feb 2006 19:17 UTC
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Oracle has already bought the company behind InnoDB (the storage engine I personally use in mySQL and the one that provides mySQL with things like foreign key constraints) and the company behind BerkeleyDB.

Oracle is essentially buying their competition. While they can't stop mySQL and other GPL software from being distributed, they can stop the funding train for new development. The fact is that mySQL has gotten to the point that it is very useful for tons of projects. As companies look to replace legacy products they are faced with the option of either upgrading a product relying on Oracle and paying to upgrade Oracle with it or replacing it with something based on mySQL. I'm not saying that mySQL is always the right choice, but as it becomes more mature, it cuts further into Oracle's profits.

By buying mySQL, they could cut off support for it (something businesses need because they need someone to yell at if something goes wrong), they could halt sponsored development and patching (another killer issue for businesses) and suggest that customers move to Oracle (or buy a more expensive mySQL license from Oracle).

If your product is becoming less and less relavant, it becomes a wise idea to buy your competition.

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