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Linux "Recently I inheritted ownership of an SVN server which was misbehaving. Trying to determine why it wasn't working correctly involved a few hours of testing, careful thought, and caffeine. Eventually I got it working correctly using the often-overlooked tool strace. strace is a common tool upon many GNU/Linux systems including Debian. Put simply strace is a 'system call tracer' - which is where it gets its name from. Using strace, as root, you can monitor the system calls made by any process upon your system. This can be enormously beneficial when you have a misbehaving program."
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 strace overlooked?
by freaks on Fri 17th Feb 2006 05:19 UTC
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the best stuff i ever seen is snoopdos on amiga.
here thake a look:

both a picture showing how it looks, and a log.

with snoopdos i can see what the whole system is doing.
when i launch an new app i want to test,
if it doesn't work , i can see:
if app is missing some of it's files,
or if my system lack some libs to run this app
i can see everything.. missing gfx res.
missing font.
when some program just don't behave correctly,
snoopdos is the ultimate weapon ;)

i never saw such a thing elsewhere.
strace output looks so bad..
it isn't clear at all.

frankly i like the linux movment, the philosophy behind gnu/gpl but, it lacks such a tool.
and additionaly, snoopdos is customisable:

i would dream of such clarity in linux world.

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RE: strace overlooked?
by Rahul on Fri 17th Feb 2006 05:40 in reply to " strace overlooked?"
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Perhaps you want systemtap and frysk?

Provides as part of RHEL 4 in updates and in FC5.

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RE: strace overlooked?
by Mathman on Fri 17th Feb 2006 05:41 in reply to " strace overlooked?"
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You might want to have a look at frysk.

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