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Windows "Microsoft recently made a change to the licence agreement saying that a new motherboard is equal to a new computer, hence you need to purchase a new Windows licence. Here is what Microsoft has to say: "An upgrade of the motherboard is considered to result in a 'new personal computer' to which Microsoft OEM operating system software cannot be transferred from another computer. If the motherboard is upgraded or replaced for reasons other than a defect, then a new computer has been created and the license of new operating system software is required." Please note that this does not go for retail copies of Windows, but only for OEM versions.
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I hope companies start making their games for Macintel systems too, because this copy of Windows I'm using right now will likely be my last.

Agreed as soon as Mactel garners more gaming support its bye bye to Windows for me too. I primarily rely on Windows only for gaming all of my other computing needs can be met as good or better on the Mac Platform. Microsoft needs to quit running status quo and wake up to the newer user base.

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