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Fedora Core "I use Fedora core daily and I've used every final release of Fedora since Yarrow (Fedora Core Release 1). When I get time, I also look at some of the test releases to see how Fedora is changing, and if there's one thing certain about Fedora, it's change. I decided to write this article to hopefully give people a chance to learn a little bit more about Fedora since the first release came to life back in November 2003, how the distro has matured and what to expect for Fedora Core release 5 in mid-March 2006."
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Fedora on PPC
by shotsman on Sat 18th Feb 2006 20:49 UTC
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I run FC4 on my MAC Mini and get lots of envious looks from my Local LUG (HantsLug UK).
I also run in X86/64 and do lots of real work on it. Since the virtual debacle of FC1/2 it has been very stable and usable.
I run lots of commercial products on it and find it very easy to use in a server environment. The desktop is a bit more problematic but with each release its gets better.
I run DB2, Oracle, Websphere MQ & Message Broker on one system and it easily outperforms an identical H/W system running Win2003 Server.

Fedora gets a lot of criticism for not including things like MP3 codecs in the base distro. I for one applaud their objective to keep it clean. On desktop systems it is easy to add other yum libraries like livna to get this stuff if I need it(not often)
I run FC4 on a Dell 8600 Laptop and the only thing that does not work is the wireless LAN. This is a broadcom chip and their virtual refusal to ack that linux exists is the reason. This is not the default of Fedora.
I have tried some of the baselevel releases of FC3/4 and now 5 and find them very incomplete but often useful to get a view of whats coming. The final version does not have the limitations of the baselevels and in general they are pretty goos OOTB. The things that get missed soon get sorted and a regular yum update soon sorts things out.
The ONLY real problem I have encountered with FC4 was with an IBM 15n TFT screen that reported itself as a lenovo device and thus XORG refused to play ball. Strangely, the 17in device also reported itself as a lenovo but XORG configured itself fine.
Thats my 0.02sum worth on Fedora.

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RE: Fedora on PPC
by anyweb on Sat 18th Feb 2006 21:17 in reply to "Fedora on PPC"
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try this guide to get your broadcom wireless nic to work

ndiswrapper the whole way,

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