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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku's Micheal Phipps has posted 20 reasons as to why he thinks Haiku is relevant. "Build all of the libraries that developers need into the OS and update them with an ultra-high quality build every year or two. No one likes to reload their OS and no one likes .dll or .so misery." Read on for the whole list.
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So, what about multimedia ?
by Marco Ravich on Sun 19th Feb 2006 14:35 UTC
Marco Ravich
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AFAIK the best BeOS feature was multimedia.
I remember that it could becomed the best for me due to audio/video performaces (i work as a director/engineer).

Haiku, what about multimedia ?

(the status just indicates that no section is still mature...)

Marco Ravich

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jonas.kirilla Member since:

I believe part of the "Media OS" label was marketing, (like the old video cube demo), but it did have a few things going for it, one being the very low latencies that made it superior for audio/video work at the time.

I think it will take a while for the Haiku kernel to deliever the same performance and reliability as did the BeOS kernel. And Haiku delivering all the things that got ISVs interested in BeOS back then. I think all we can hope for at the moment is ports of open source media applications, but perhaps I'm a little on the pessimistic side of things.

While the Media Kit may not be complete, (I'm not sure of its status), you don't need all of it to run stand-alone (pretty much) apps such as VLC. (which rocks!)

BeOS splits media services in kernel drivers, media_server, media_addons_server + add-ons and the audio_server. Some parts are done. For example, I'm using the Haiku audio mixer as a drop-in replacement for the one in BeOS. FWIW.

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