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Mac OS X It seems like flee-in-Apple's-fur, cracker 'Maxxuss', has succeeded in cracking Mac OS 10.4.4 for Intel. "We were just about to hunker down and wait through the cold winter and a wet spring until we saw some results on the OS X 10.4.4 for Intel hacking efforts, but it looks like we're getting a little Valentines present from 'Maxxuss' who has already broken through Apple's heightened security that is present in their shipping version of the OS. It's just a preliminary release, not all hardware is supported and it requires a bit of futzing around to get it to work, but seeing as we weren't expecting this kind of breakthrough this early, we really can't complain."
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RE[2]: hmm..
by l3v1 on Sun 19th Feb 2006 18:59 UTC in reply to "RE: hmm.."
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market for half-baked OSX installs on cheap self-built crap in a lot of basements

I guess spitting out idiotic remarks about people who really spend quite a lot of their rightfully earned money on absolutely not crappy hardware has just got fashionable among internet "journalists" ?

It's one thing stating your opinion about someone cracking an OS whose EULA is not even valid everywhere on this planet. It's another thing to make useless idiotic remarks about people who have the money, the time and the knowledge to buil their fraggin' good systems at home.

Your remarks make more an impression of a person living in a basement than the actions of someone hacking OSX for whatever reason.

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