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X11, Window Managers Updated: Fedora was right in the middle of announcing all this properly, so here is the updated item containing the official names. Videos included, as well as the inevitable 'Why not Xgl?'. "AIGLX is a project that aims to enable GL-accelerated effects on a standard desktop. We have a lightly modified X server (that includes a couple of extensions), an updated Mesa package that adds some new protocol support and a version of metacity with a composite manager. The end result is that you can use GL effects on your desktop with very few changes, the ability to turn it on and off at will, and you don't have to replace your X server in the process." This is part of Fedora's Rendering Project, and instructions on how to install all this are available too.
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Another failure of non-cooperation
by barkley on Mon 20th Feb 2006 20:28 UTC
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So last week we had a story about a marketing cooperation between KDE and Gnome. We have things like freedesktop and portland project and all this other supposed cooperation stuff, but let's face facts. If there had been cooperation 9 years ago or so, desktop linux wouldn't have all the troubles getting out of hobbyist status that it finds itself in today.

But the zealots will go into denial and say crap like "It's the linux way" and everything is great and just take whatever crap they're spoon fed from the developers.

Oh well, Microsoft and Apple just laugh at these antics.

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