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OS/2 and eComStation "Introduced in 2007 [sic], aerolitheOS will be our successor PC operating system for OS/2 Warp and thus a new alternative for users who have intentions to change their current platform. Our operating system is a full 32-bit protected mode OS that is binary and API compatible with OS/2 Warp. The OS will be used on our Aérolithe PC systems, even if its use is not restricted to these machines. It is extreme compact and reliable and ideally suited for embedded applications. Additionally, it is designed to be highly adaptable so that it fits the requirements of desktop and network computing." Scepticism abound, though.
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Re: OS/2 and BeOS
by rcsteiner on Mon 20th Feb 2006 21:00 UTC
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Was OS2 great? Maybe, I don't know, I never used it so I can't say... but it's
now in the same domain as BeOS.

Actually, it isn't yet for one big reason: Even though IBM stopped supporting end users directly at the end of 2005, they still will support OEMs under contract, and end users can still get IBM support through Serenity Systems (which has an OEM contract with IBM).

BeOS users have the third parties doing first level support, but they don't even have a Be, Inc. to fall back on anymore.

The two operating systems are targetted at somewhat different audiences, anyway, and OS/2 has a level of legacy software support that will keep it going into the future far longer than BeOS will manage (my own biased guess as a user of both systems).

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