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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Mark Shuttleworth is the founder of Thawte, the first certification authority to sell public SSL certificates. After selling Thawte to Verisign, Mark moved on to training as an astronaut in Russia and visiting space. Once he got back he founded Ubuntu, the leading GNU/Linux distribution. He agreed on releasing a quick interview to Free Software Magazine." One of the more interesting quotes: "With Ubuntu, it's still too early to say we've been successful. My personal goal is to make the distro sustainable - then there will be a team that pays its own way and can focus on producing the best free software desktop on the planet without my interference!"
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frenchman defending a french company in every possible way. how nice. do you work for them?

if i were you, i would use more gentle words, because right now your comments become useless after they get moderated down :]

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"frenchman defending a french company"

I am a real American from CANADA , thats why I use my real name , aint a coward or a whannabe like some ;-)

You cant be me , I dont fear modding down , nor do I care about it , only the truth and facts interest me. If I where working for them I would proudly wear a signature that would clearly say so , absolutely no shame in that , If I owned share I would also divulgate that fact too.

I dont see the point in lying about Mandriva in order to make Ubuntu look good , Ubuntu hard work , dedication and numerous contribution stands on its own.
Both company are under attack by cowards who like to spread FUD. In both cases its an honor defending those humanitarians who give so much.

You cant understand ;-)

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