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Java "Trying to combine JSF and JSP is like trying to shoehorn a foot into a glove: it's possible, but it's really just a stopgap measure until something better comes along. In this article, JSF enthusiast Rick Hightower introduces you to what he likes best about Facelets: easy HTML-style templating and reusable composition components."
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by gmlongo on Fri 24th Feb 2006 17:02 UTC
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After using SiteMesh, we found the need for a JSF templating solution. After a little research, we found Facelets. It is amazing at how it can simplify your development. If you are using JSF, you might want to give Facelets a shot.


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JSF is incomplete?
by aquila_deus on Sun 26th Feb 2006 16:04 in reply to "Facelets"
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Doesn't the need of facelet imply that JSF itself is incomplete and cannot be used directly?

The standard is supposed to make things vendor-independent, yet it itself is unable to cover the basic requirements so that all vendors will have to put various extensions to make it useful. Hasn't anyone ever wondered how ridiculous this is?

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