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X11, Window Managers 3D graphics on X11: XGL vs AIGLX. This article delves into the inner workings of XGL and AIGLX. It shows that there are many similarities between these two competing/co-operating "rivals" and plenty of room for growth.
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I tried it last night on breezy
by olicat on Mon 27th Feb 2006 09:11 UTC
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And while it was impressive, you can see it has a way to go yet.
The effects were great, but I won't be using it until it supports xinerama.

one thing i didn't like about it(this may be configurable in the nvidia driver)is fonts on the gl textures (whilst dragging a window, initially openning a menu etc) are different from those on static windows. there's a noticable difference between the fonts on a window when i stop moving it and when it settles into place. i tried it on mac os and there's no such problem.

and as for redhats argument that this approach is too big a change - that's just stupid, since the work has been done, it's more backwards compatable than their solution, and glx looks a lot better then theirs.

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I noticed that font transition problem too.

Using this approach (compositing as bitmap transforming) it will be hard to avoid font antialiasing artefacts, depending mostly on what certain effect does. It might take much tweaking to get it smooth. e.g before it settles down, do pixel interpolation transition to steady state (or anything that seems smooth to a human eye).

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you can fix the font issue by open gconf-editor and changing the following value.

Apps-->compiz-->general-->all screens-->options-->Texture_filter

set the value to best, this will give you perfect fonts while screen is wobbling.

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If you don't have two gfx cards I do believe it is absolutely impossible to run it on two monitors.

I'd read the article, but the site is down....

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I have XGL running with NVIDIA's twinview here, on one GFX card, 2 monitors attached.

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