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X11, Window Managers 3D graphics on X11: XGL vs AIGLX. This article delves into the inner workings of XGL and AIGLX. It shows that there are many similarities between these two competing/co-operating "rivals" and plenty of room for growth.
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RE[5]: Inaccurate
by somebody on Mon 27th Feb 2006 23:05 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Inaccurate"
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I think X protocol extensions don't have much to do with 3D driver specifics (it's another layer).

They do provide limiting requests on redraws. But, you're probably right, they are probably to high to provide support for direct GL legacy apps.

Maybe there already is some sort of GPU request scheduling in DRI or some proprietary linux drivers and I'm just too ignorant to find out (I surely know Microsoft proposed something like that in Vista driver model - because they need it for Avalon).

Now, this might be my blind shot:) As I recall NVidia was proposing something like that on XDevConf, but I was too lazy to carefuly read complete SPEC. So in my blurry vision this would fit the needs.

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