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Graphics, User Interfaces "Libre Graphics Meeting will bring together developers and users of the best of free software graphics applications - GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, Blender and more. It promises to be a fun ride, with tutorials and presentations of applications, and lots of time and space to chat, meet up with old friends, make new ones. Plans will be made, hacking and drawing will be done, fun will be had. The conference is free to attend, and open to all."
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RE[2]: Seriously...
by JrezIN on Tue 28th Feb 2006 00:52 UTC in reply to "RE: Seriously..."
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These to projects aren't related anymore... In fact, CinePaint[1] is even droping GTK and most of GIMP's codebase.


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RE[3]: Seriously...
by leech on Tue 28th Feb 2006 07:34 in reply to "RE[2]: Seriously..."
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So you're comparing a CVS Research version based on FLTK and Perl against the released version of Cinepain that has been changed to Film Gimp?

Looks to me like they're both being developed in parallel. The reason the other version is going with FLTK according to the web site is "Glasgow Windows Upgrading to FLTK 1.1.7 to eliminate window resize issue."

Just sounds to me like they're doing it because the Windows version of Cinepaint/Film Gimp is just horribly broken.


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RE[4]: Seriously...
by Vargol on Tue 28th Feb 2006 13:41 in reply to "RE[3]: Seriously..."
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The reason for moving to FLTK was many fold, mostly due to Win32 GTK 1.x issues and the moving to C++.

Robin describes his reasons here...

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RE[4]: Seriously...
by JrezIN on Tue 28th Feb 2006 18:20 in reply to "RE[3]: Seriously..."
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As Vargol pointed, there's a big list why dropping GTK+ makes sense to this project.

The case is, I was talking about CinePaint and Gimp aren't related anymore. The GTK+ dropping was just an example (it's a huge difference between programs now). Other differences, like support for lager than 8bit per channel support, image file formats, and even the own program file format not compatible anymore (even if the extension still the same)
Actually, for many years now...

So, when someone asks "Are there *professional* designers who use GIMP for production?", it doesn't make sense to talk about CinePaint... they're just different and not related anymore. (but I'm sure that GIMP's used by lots of professionals... Even if the list could be a larger...)

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