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what no Intel GMA loving (posted 2010-12-03 02:10:35)
Score: 2
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Attached to: Flash Player 10.2 Beta Delivers Hardware Acceleration on Linux
android on x86 sounds awesome! (posted 2010-06-29 01:00:33)
Score: 1
Attached to: Intel Brews x86 Android
Meh, all I want to know is can we install linux on it? (posted 2010-01-28 21:27:43)
Score: 1
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Attached to: Apple's A4: ARM CPU, GPU
anyone know a retailer for these? (posted 2009-11-13 20:15:31)
Score: 1
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Attached to: World's Cheapest Laptop
must be nice to get free swag from geeks (posted 2009-10-15 14:57:43)
Score: 1
Attached to: The iPod Classic 120 GB
you mean that they still pay bloggers? (posted 2009-10-06 10:38:31)
Score: 1
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Attached to: New Rules to End 'Blogger Payola'