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Username: DittoBox (user 1395)

Real name: Nathan Allworth


Contact: Nathan (dot) Allworth (at) DittoBox (dot) net

Location: Battle Ground, WA

Date Joined: 2005-07-08

Status: Trusted User

Bio: I'm a *nix fan, I also like BeOS. Although I'm technically minded my main use of a computer is for Graphic and Web design.

I currently use Snow Leopard on my Mac Pro at work for graphic and web design, Ubuntu 9.04 on my Dell Mini 9, Windows 7 on the home desktop (games, photography, audio recording/editing), and CentOS on a web development server at work.

Last Active: 2009-10-23

Number of Comments: 372 (196 voted up, 15 voted down)

Number of Comment Votes Applied: 987 (82% positive moderations)

Moving Average: 3.36

Average Comment Score: 0