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RE: Comment by BeamishBoy (posted 2015-04-24 05:00:20)
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Attached to: The new releases of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc. are now available
RE[2]: Excellent news! (posted 2015-04-24 04:55:39)
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Attached to: Comcast plans to drop Time Warner Cable deal
Comment by Phloptical (posted 2015-04-15 02:14:48)
Score: 1
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Attached to: Europe to accuse Google of illegally abusing its dominance
Comment by Phloptical (posted 2015-04-08 00:42:00)
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Attached to: In praise of the mechanical keyboard
Comment by Phloptical (posted 2015-04-03 12:16:35)
Score: 3
Attached to: The secret history of the Apple Watch
Comment by Phloptical (posted 2015-03-27 22:10:46)
Score: 3
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Attached to: 'Cyber is just pounding me from every direction'
Comment by Phloptical (posted 2015-03-14 21:22:08)
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Attached to: 'Power users' need to shut up
What Are They? (posted 2015-03-01 02:13:58)
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Attached to: "Lenovo's promise for a cleaner, safer PC"
Comment by Phloptical (posted 2015-03-01 02:09:29)
Score: 2
Attached to: This is the Huawei Watch
Too bad (posted 2015-02-21 12:30:20)
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Attached to: Who can save the Grand Canyon?
They all do it (posted 2015-02-20 12:23:36)
Score: 3
Attached to: Lenovo caught installing adware on new computers
Highly Doubtful (posted 2015-01-30 02:04:50)
Score: -2
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Attached to: Report: Apple gives Chinese government access to source code
Comment by Phloptical (posted 2015-01-06 02:00:12)
Score: 6
Attached to: So many TVs, so many platforms