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Username: PunchCardGuy (user 6995)

Real name: Dan Krug

Contact: krugdj at yahoo dot nospam dot com

Location: Wiesloch, Germany

Date Joined: 2006-04-14

Status: Active

Bio: Have been involved with IT professionally since 1974, and wrote my first program using COBOL on punch cards, which ran on a Burroughs B3500 mainframe. Have since been through phases involving UNIX (including Apple's A/UX!), Netware (was a CNE), Microsoft (was an MCSE), and NSA B3 TCB systems. I now sell IT solutions to the Federal Government.

Last Active: 2009-03-18

Number of Comments: 63 (27 voted up, 0 voted down)

Moving Average: 1.6

Average Comment Score: 0