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Username: Tim Holwerdi (user 10556)

Real name: Tim Holwerdi

Status: Suspended

Bio: Hi, My name is Tim Holwerdi.

I am gonna tell you my last dream...

I am an Aszzhole in search of Notoriety...

I work in a Website that offers news of IT and Open Source.

I pretend that I do it for the sake of love for IT, but the fact is that, I am expecting good revenues for the


If not, why should I loose my time looking for IT news in other IT Web Sites that offer what I am not able to

offer... for the sake of these IT weirdos geeks and Open source-free computing fanboys...? c'mon...

I think I know more than the rest, of course... and I am always right!

Yes, I know more than anyone of you about Computers, and about anything else you can imagine! even If many people

prove me the contrary, I am still right...

Me and my Mac go together everywhere, I even sleep with it, which is somehow problematic, cause as you can imagine,

is not easy to have sexual relations tru an USB port, or a FireWire one... but I am in love anyway!...

Anything that is not Mac or com

Last Active: 2006-12-19

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