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Username: anand78 (user 1150)

Real name: Anand Pandey

Status: Suspended

Bio: An OS Junkie since the days of PC XT, I still have my old 8088 based 1MB RAM and 20MB HDD with Dos 6.22. I started linux with Redhat 5, it was a need more than a requirement. For my home PC my comapny refused to pay for the SCO license, I used t do socket programming in C. Solaris free binaries was probably the most awesome thing to happen. I remember downloading it on my 4Kbps crappy line in 3 days. It was some experience to see CDE on your home computer, which I was used to see on high end machines. BeOS was the next good thing, I was not into reverse engineering but it was damn easy to mirror the BEFS partition on a bigger drive. I once had an XOSL based boot loader with Windows 2000/98 Dos 6.22/ FreeDos/ BeOS/ Redhat 9 / Mandrake / Solaris / FreeBSD / QNX/ Plan 9 , I had plenty of time back then. Recently Gentoo is what excited me the most.

Last Active: 2006-08-13

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