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Username: jimcrofty (user 8975)

Real name: James Croft

Contact: jimcrofty at googlemail [dot] com

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Date Joined: 2006-08-29

Status: Active

Bio: Currently a web developer working PHP, Perl, RoR and PostgreSQL. Teaching myself Cocoa programing at the mo.

Have been using PCs since '87 and various 8 bit machines like the Atari 800XL prior to that. Have used many different OSes over the years including OS/2 (warp), BeOS (*sob*), Linux (various distros) and Windows (from Windows 286 up).

For the last year have been driving a Mac and loving it.

Last Active: 2007-07-12

Number of Comments: 7 (5 voted up, 0 voted down)

Number of Comment Votes Applied: 5 (100% positive moderations)

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Average Comment Score: 0