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Username: joekiser (user 106)

Real name: Joe Kiser

Contact: jdk at linux dot com

Location: Quito, Ecuador

Date Joined: 2005-06-30

Status: Trusted User

Bio: Joe is an Asian-American IT professional living in South America with his wife and child. Normally, he wouldn't bring that up, but he has been accused of being "culturally insensitive" and having a "narrow world-view" by OSNews members who probably only speak one language.

Joe is a strong advocate of FOSS, and proves this by donating regularly to FOSS projects.

Last Active: 2016-05-10

Number of Comments: 344 (301 voted up, 0 voted down)

Number of Comment Votes Applied: 743 (91% positive moderations)

Moving Average: 3.36

Average Comment Score: 0