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Username: markjensen (user 2201)

Real name: Mark Jensen


Location: Middle Tennessee

Date Joined: 2005-07-26

Status: Trusted User

Bio: Previous owner of Win 3.11, 95, 98, 98se, Me (I had to! don't flame me!), NT4 and XP. All legitimate and fully legal (it was an expensive habit!).

Also tried RedHat 5.1 (purchased the boxed set) in the summer of '98 and dual-booted for a while, but I was not ready for Linux (or it for me) at the time, so I left it behind after a few months.

I ran into Windows dissatisfaction again in mid 2002, and downloaded RedHat 7.3. It came a LONG way, and I was happy dual-booting. When 8.0 came out, I decided to completely ditch Windows, as I was using Linux 70% of the time, and having that Windows "crutch" to fall back on prevented me from exercising my Linux legs. I have run 100% Linux at home now since Jan 2003.

I mod-up any post I see that was modded down for "disagree" reasons that do not violate the rules.

Last Active: 2009-08-27

Number of Comments: 154 (97 voted up, 0 voted down)

Number of Comment Votes Applied: 1027 (67% positive moderations)

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