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Username: Cramit (user 1166)

Real name: Cramit

Contact: AIM: cramitdfrog69 Email: cmspooner at

Location: Albany, New York

Date Joined: 2005-07-07

Status: Active

Bio: OS's used:
BeOS r5 Laptop & PC
ArchLinux PC
Gentoo Linux Laptop
VidaLinux PC (soon)
Haiku PC (soon)

OS's I'm interested in:
Zeta (won't try it untill I know I can make it look like r5 and I have some expendable cash)
Sylable (sp?)
SkyOS (won't try it until I can test it on my PC to make sure it boots and I have some expendable cash)

Hardware I am interested in:
Table PC's: specifically old fujitsu's I am looking for a stylistic P600 or C500.
Micro Laptops: Fujitsu P series, I would love a P-2010
Small Laptops: IBM x series (I own a x560, which runs BeOS like a champ)

Last Active: 2018-04-10

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