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RE: Comment by Meanwhile (posted 2010-11-06 21:45:44)
Score: 1
Attached to: 8Pen: Good, But Not For Everybody
LXDE FTW! (posted 2009-06-24 14:35:33)
Score: 2
Attached to: LXDE: Resource-Friendly Desktop Environment for X
RE[2]: you know what sucks? (posted 2009-04-04 22:37:28)
Score: 1
Attached to: GNOME 3.0 To Get GNOME Shell, Zeitgeist
RE: Tells for itself (posted 2009-02-21 16:09:50)
Score: 1
Attached to: Apple, ASUS, Acer Rank High in Customer Satisfaction
Not Ready for Mom and Pop? (posted 2008-11-16 17:19:56)
Score: 2
1 response(s), 1 in thread
Attached to: Two Days Without Mac OS X Leopard: Ubuntu 8.10 Review
Woohoo! (posted 2008-10-09 22:17:33)
Score: 3
2 response(s), 4 in thread
Attached to: Python 2.6 Released
RE: Working in assembler (posted 2008-09-12 03:35:22)
Score: 1
1 response(s), 1 in thread
Attached to: Bringing Desktop Applications to the Browser
Comment by ashcrow (posted 2008-08-06 13:24:08)
Score: 2
Attached to: The Value Of Open Platforms (aka Why I Don't Own iPhone)
RE: GUI for LVM? (posted 2008-07-27 20:26:35)
Score: 1
Attached to: The Mess That is Linux Volume Management
Like COBOL (posted 2008-06-27 00:26:56)
Score: 2
Attached to: Does Open Java Matter?
YES! (posted 2008-05-19 16:54:58)
Score: 7
Attached to: It's Time to Retire 'Ready for the Desktop'
Oh but they are! (posted 2008-03-04 03:12:32)
Score: 1
Attached to: Gates: 'Google Does Not Understand Business Needs'
RE[3]: Solaris OS somewhere? (posted 2008-02-29 02:07:16)
Score: 1
Attached to: Fedora on the Final Frontier