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RE: After market ROMs (posted 2018-06-01 12:07:42)
Score: 2
Attached to: Samsung won't be forced to update old phones
RE: Comment by The1stImmortal (posted 2018-05-24 05:34:18)
Score: 3
1 response(s), 4 in thread
Attached to: Microsoft extends GDPR's rights to all of its customers
Google is Big Brother (posted 2018-05-18 18:26:06)
Score: 0
1 response(s), 1 in thread
Attached to: Selfish Ledger is an unsettling vision of Google social engineering
RE[2]: If you want affordable (posted 2018-05-16 06:02:34)
Score: 0
Attached to: AMD launches GPU-equipped Ryzen Pros
RE: Comment by ilovebeer (posted 2018-05-13 16:43:09)
Score: 1
Attached to: Google's plan to make tech less addictive
RE[2]: Article seems incomplete (as first published) (posted 2018-05-10 09:09:34)
Score: 0
1 response(s), 3 in thread
Attached to: Ubuntu 18.04: Ubuntu has never been better
All about the 'shiny-shiny' (posted 2018-05-09 10:00:13)
Score: 1
1 response(s), 1 in thread
Attached to: The future of the Google Assistant
RE: Self-destructing email (posted 2018-04-26 07:04:41)
Score: 3
2 response(s), 2 in thread
Attached to: Google launches major Gmail redesign
RE: Lean? (posted 2018-04-25 06:40:04)
Score: 1
Attached to: Microsoft is making another Windows variant: Windows 10 Lean
RE: Pretend to be a writer??? (posted 2018-04-24 08:55:44)
Score: 3
1 response(s), 1 in thread
Attached to: Why I left Mac for Windows: Apple has given up
RE[2]: Last update of VT100 protocol (posted 2018-04-23 07:16:56)
Score: 6
Attached to: A look at terminal emulators, part 1