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Username: djst (user 2408)

Real name: David Tenser



Location: Sweden

Date Joined: 2005-08-07

Status: Trusted User

Bio: 28 years old, MS in Computer Science, BS in Informatics, First Contact at Mozilla Corporation, cat lover, living with my wonderful girlfriend Sofie. Oh, and I own a Wii! :)

OS:es I use: Mac OS X (Tiger)
Software I like: Firefox, Thunderbird, Gnome, Picasa.
Language I speak/write: Swedish, English, C#, Java, Visual Basic.
Languages I want to learn: German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin).

Last Active: 2007-12-15

Number of Comments: 133 (92 voted up, 3 voted down)

Number of Comment Votes Applied: 419 (88% positive moderations)

Moving Average: 3.72

Average Comment Score: 0