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RE: WP is really dead (posted 2017-05-11 23:10:29)
Score: 2
1 response(s), 1 in thread
Attached to: Microsoft unveils Fall Creators Update
RE[4]: Comment by Darkmage (posted 2017-04-13 13:14:17)
Score: 3
3 response(s), 3 in thread
Attached to: Windows Vista officially dead
RE[2]: What bugs me (posted 2017-01-20 22:09:17)
Score: 3
Attached to: Yes, science is political
RE[6]: Long discussion on macrumors, too (posted 2017-01-15 12:22:21)
Score: 2
2 response(s), 2 in thread
Attached to: US appeals court revives antitrust lawsuit against Apple
Trading Cards for big boys..and girls..! (posted 2017-01-12 00:51:09)
Score: 4
2 response(s), 2 in thread
Attached to: The dream of Ara
RE[3]: Complete Bunk (posted 2016-12-20 21:01:41)
Score: 3
Attached to: How Apple alienated Mac loyalists
notice re QEMU.... (posted 2016-12-19 17:32:19)
Score: 2
Attached to: Haiku now boots in UEFI mode
RE[3]: Bittersweet (posted 2016-12-09 00:01:07)
Score: 3
Attached to: Windows 10 is coming to ARM again, with win32 emulation
a little tinfoilhat-tastic, but.... (posted 2016-11-15 01:52:05)
Score: 0
2 response(s), 3 in thread
Attached to: The peculiar case of terrible Office performance in Boot Camp
RE[2]: Youtube (posted 2016-11-12 10:00:01)
Score: 2
Attached to: On the role of social media in presidential elections