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Username: MOS6510 (user 31104)

Real name: Etienne von Wettingfeld



Location: Westervoort, The Netherlands

Date Joined: 2011-05-12

Status: Trusted User

Born in the 70's - Amsterdam, Kingdom of the Netherlands
Stuck in the 80's - Music, movies, series and computers
On-line since the 90's - Amiga 500 + 2400 baud modem
Apple user since the 00's - iMac G5
Living in the 10's - Working as a system administrator

My favorite computer is the Commodore 64 with the Amiga 500 being a close second.

Hobbies include basketball, running, chess (Western, Chinese and Japanese) and retro gaming. All-time favorite games include Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny, Elite, Paradroid, Revs, F-15 Strike Eagle, F-19 Stealth Fighter, Airborne Ranger and Wizball.

My favorite sports teams are the Chicago Bulls (basketball) and McLaren (Formula One).

Last Active: 2014-04-19

Number of Comments: 2221 (1857 voted up, 78 voted down)

Number of Comment Votes Applied: 10046 (88% positive moderations)

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