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Username: Andrew Youll (user 6)

Real name: Andrew Youll


Contact: youll [at] osnews [dot] com

Location: Doncaster, UK

Date Joined: 2005-06-29

Status: OSNews Staff

Bio: I am an Electrical engineer by trade, no I don't mean Electronics engineer, I mean electrical, as in the guy type of guy who wired your house.

Ever since I came face to face with the first computer I ever saw which incidentally was an Acorn RiscPC running RiscOS, I was fascinated by them, my fascination continues to this day.

My Primary Os is MS WindowsXP SP2, I also have an Athlon64 box which I use as my Nix box it is running DesktopBSD RC1.0 ATM one thing I miss is Flash, but thats no hardship, Linuxpluginwrapper does the job with Linux-Flash7, and I also have a few Windows Mobile devices knocking around.

Why work at OSnews? hmm... I guess its because I enjoy the job, and the fame and fortune... just kidding but I do enjoy it, if I didn't I wouldn't do it, and well I guess I'm going to run out of characters soon... so long people.

Last Active: 2006-02-12

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Number of Comment Votes Applied: 85

Moving Average: Staff

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