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Username: Angel Blue01 (user 9898)

Real name: Angel Blue01

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Date Joined: 2006-11-01

Status: Active

Bio: Computer science major, geek, network administrator at a church in the area, a Windows fan, Mozilla supporter.

Currently unemployed, looking for a job in desktop support. Have been doing IT work for 11 years, all volunteer, all with Windows peer-to-peer networks.

Began using computers in 1993 at age 7, with Win 3.11. First started loving computers in 1997, started volunteering in August 1997 installing modems and setting up Win95. First used in the Internet in 1997, establishing myself as a true geek, well before anyone else in school. Learned HTML in 1998. Switched to Linux in 2007, after learning on OSnews. Started building PCs in 2005. Love Win2000, Vista.

Proud to be a Windows Vista/openSUSE user.

I love learning, computers, history, science. I'm also willing to help anyone who had a problem if I can.

Last Active: 2015-02-07

Number of Comments: 89 (24 voted up, 2 voted down)

Number of Comment Votes Applied: 11 (100% positive moderations)

Moving Average: 1.6

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