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RE: wrong OS (posted 2017-05-26 16:10:05)
Score: 1
Attached to: Microsoft is placing a big bet on its new Surface family
RE[3]: Ha. (posted 2017-04-06 19:48:42)
Score: 0
1 response(s), 1 in thread
Attached to: Ubuntu to switch back to GNOME, drop Unity
RE: Oh, don't get me started on this (posted 2017-03-13 12:11:17)
Score: 1
Attached to: Password rules are bullshit
RE: slow and expsnive (posted 2017-03-06 11:13:53)
Score: 1
Attached to: KolibriOS stored on DNA
RE: Makes sense (posted 2017-03-05 09:21:36)
Score: 4
Attached to: Nintendo Switch runs FreeBSD
RE[3]: We are now in the 21st century. (posted 2016-09-27 11:08:03)
Score: 1
1 response(s), 1 in thread
Attached to: Oracle's cloudy future
RE: I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it (posted 2016-09-27 06:23:52)
Score: 2
1 response(s), 5 in thread
Attached to: Announcing the launch of Windows Server 2016
RE[2]: meh (posted 2016-07-13 12:03:53)
Score: 3
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Attached to: Apollo 11 source code released on github
RE[2]: upside (posted 2016-06-23 06:04:17)
Score: 1
1 response(s), 3 in thread
Attached to: 'Gruber misses the point completely about Lightning headphones'
RE: Complex Mommaplex. Draw a license and rip. (posted 2016-05-12 07:54:03)
Score: 5
Attached to: Save Firefox!
RE: What is the appeal of a console? (posted 2016-04-20 18:03:15)
Score: 2
1 response(s), 2 in thread
Attached to: 'Sony to release upgraded PS4 with faster GPU, processor, RAM'
the right question to ask (posted 2016-04-19 12:23:27)
Score: 3
2 response(s), 2 in thread
Attached to: Apple's Penchant for Consumer Security
we had carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI (posted 2016-03-29 13:25:41)
Score: 1
Attached to: The Verge's Oculus Rift review
RE[2]: EOL. (posted 2016-01-21 14:45:28)
Score: 1
Attached to: New Intel, AMD processors to require Windows 10