Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 11th Apr 2005 18:15 UTC
Original OSNews Interviews Today we feature an interview with John Buswell of Spliced Networks. The company announced their first product, AppOS, just today. Learn more about what's unique about this new Linux server distribution.
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v So does this mean
by Anonymous on Mon 11th Apr 2005 18:33 UTC

"Note: Internet Explorer does not render CSS properly. If you encounter problems viewing this site with Internet Explorer, please click here."

Yeah baby.. spank Gates ;)

by Chris on Mon 11th Apr 2005 19:46 UTC

If your system is easy to administer, you're doing something wrong.

by tobaccofarm on Mon 11th Apr 2005 20:00 UTC

Hmm,i was planning to setup a similar (freelance)firm with revising/auditing/updating from stock or on request of firmware for routers/firewalls... Most of them are way behind with firmware updates where even the latest firmwares still have about 50 % of unpatched flaws,bugs..

Vapor, 100%
by Mike on Mon 11th Apr 2005 20:04 UTC

I'm pretty sure this is just vaporware. This guy pretends to be involved in like infinity-billion projects that go nowhere... TuxPPC, Opaque Linux Distribution, FYP Bootloader, CLI UI to Linux Networking features... all of which are 100% vaporware.

Check his old website on google's cache:

Look at the company's website... not very professional; looks more like a sham... Interesting picture of the CTO: a T-shirt (college pic)... Everything else is basically just an empty shell of what "will be here"... Even for a start-up, something just doesn't look right.

by Mike on Mon 11th Apr 2005 20:41 UTC

Not all vaporwave.
tuxppc looks like it was around for a few years.">" archive.o..." rel="nofollow">">archive.o....
the company's website looks more professional than some established businesses
we will just have to wait and see

Vapor Indeed.
by Tim on Mon 11th Apr 2005 20:42 UTC

Their AppOS whitepaper [found here:] contains no information about AppOS. However, it does contain the following:

This document is protected by copyright and distributed under licenses
restricting its use, copying, distribution and decompilation. No part
of this document may be reproduced in any form by any means without
prior written permission from Spliced Networks LLC.

Now isn't that ironic. What's the difference between software and the written word?

by bact' on Mon 11th Apr 2005 21:03 UTC

another Cobalt ?

Hey John
by Damien McKenna on Tue 12th Apr 2005 01:35 UTC

Is Sarah the same girl you met via that chatroom years ago? I'm still married to the same girl I met via TenForward, and we have a geekling too.

Some nice ideas there with AppOS, particularly the remote management of the install/repair. You might want to have more professional picture(s) of yourself on the website though, looks unprofessional.

Hope it works out.


time travel?
by Anonymous on Tue 12th Apr 2005 01:49 UTC

On the spliced network site management section

His impressive resume brings over 11 years of professional engineering experience to Spliced Networks

while on his old college website ( ) he says he gradudated in the 2000. Does AppOS enable time travel as well? Coool.

any actual details
by Anonymous on Tue 12th Apr 2005 01:55 UTC

All I can really get on the site is

AppOS™ is not vaporware, locally we have it running on 10 servers, some x86, some x86_64. We want to ship AppOS™ OE with a more complete web interface

Wow, my WankOS is not vapourware, I have it running on four machines, a toaster, a kettle and my cybernetic turtle.

Eugenia please check that these companies actually have something to offer before posting interviews.

John is a great guy
by Michael on Tue 12th Apr 2005 06:06 UTC

I have worked with him in the past on the family of websites. He isn't "vapourware" he is very talented and wish him the best on this.


stranger and stranger
by Anonymous on Tue 12th Apr 2005 09:31 UTC

I have read the scant amount of detail that I can find on the website about this supposed non vaporware product.

It looks quite simply like something that could be implemented with grub and a few tweaks. All your doing is booting an image of the OS thats mounted read only - big deal. You create custom images and choose which one to boot. How this is news or innovative is beyond me.

Funnier thing is that there is a statement on the website in the AppOS pages -

We chose to take the forums offline, and restrict svn access until things calmed down after the press release.

Now google doesn't know about these forums at all. Are these vapour as well?

however we feel that AppOS™ would benefit more people if these features were released under the GPL. We'll make plenty of money from services, support and applications. If not we can always beg like some vendors.

Is it going to be gpled then? when do we see the source. The last comment is very professional - yep, I want to deal with a company with an attitude like that.

All we know for certain is that the someone is able to make a relatively pretty website and a lot of noise by mailing the right people.

Sorry this strikes me a vaporware. Unoriginal vaporware at that.

This looks to me like someone trying to get attention to get some vc funding, nothing else. Or someone trying to boost their fragile ego.

this just gets better and better
by Anonymous on Tue 12th Apr 2005 09:39 UTC

I have a half dozen Linux servers that don't have video cards. When those systems lose a hard disk, or just need to be fsck'd manually, its a major pain. Which is probably why there are features in LIMBS that allow for remote network management during the boot process. ;)

In the real world we have these things called "consoles" that we plug into ports and use things called "terminal servers" to get output from headless machines.

And then some companies sell machines with things called "system controllers" on them.

The Idea Sounds Great
by Warren on Tue 12th Apr 2005 17:32 UTC

The idea is a good one, and I hope they are truly able to field a product.

I do, however, have serious reservations about those behind a website who CAN'T SPELL "SEPARATE":


"...They are seperate from current Open Source projects..."

Anyone from spliced networks want to reply?
by Anonymous on Tue 12th Apr 2005 23:04 UTC

There have been no replies to any of the comments made here from anyone in spliced networks. I really do belive that this is vaporware and that is the reason for the silence.

? solaris references
by fintanr on Wed 13th Apr 2005 07:20 UTC

First off a disclosure, I know John from around college, albeit not very well, and I wish him the best of luck in this venture. Competition is good. Now my question.

If you don't see anyone migrating to Solaris (presumably you are referring to Solaris 10 on amd64 and x86 here) why did you feel the need to mention it? Generally people only mention other companies products in press releases and interviews when they are trying to compete with them.

And you have managed to get AppOS listed as a "Solaris killer" on linuxinsider [1] (the line attributed to you in the article is "could spell the end of server operating systems as we know them today, and would likely put an end to Solaris.", although the journalist [ I use the word journalist as a very generous description here ] then regurgitated the remainder of the e-mail on the site as the vast bulk of the article). This really sounds to me like you are trying to generate attention for AppOS on the back of Solaris. All fair, thats competion and marketing, but it must mean that you see Solaris as a competitor.