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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Much has been said about open source projects - and open source platforms are now powering an ever-increasing share of the mobile market. But what is 'open' and how can you measure openness? As part of our new research report, VisionMobile Research Partner Liz Laffan introduces the Open Governance Index - a new approach to measuring the 'openness' of software projects, from Android to WebKit."
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by Neolander on Thu 4th Aug 2011 09:48 UTC
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Currently in the middle of their paper, that's quite an interesting read so far. Please note that you don't need to supply a *real* e-mail in order to download the document ;)

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RE: Interesting
by JoeBuck on Thu 4th Aug 2011 17:26 UTC in reply to "Interesting"
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So, what do they mark projects down for? LWN says that they penalize projects that use the GPL, claiming that it's less "open" than permissive licenses. What other factors explain the Linux kernel getting only 71?

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RE[2]: Interesting
by Neolander on Fri 5th Aug 2011 06:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Interesting"
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Well, you should probably see for yourself http : // 0Index%20(VisionMobile).pdf

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Android to WebKit
by JAlexoid on Thu 4th Aug 2011 10:18 UTC
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from Android to WebKit

That's a very narrow gap :-D Should be OpenBIOS(open firmware) to Firefox.

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Simon Phipps' open-by-rule
by chekr on Thu 4th Aug 2011 11:16 UTC
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This looks very much like a simplification of work done by Simon Phipps:

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RE: Simon Phipps' open-by-rule
by RichterKuato on Thu 4th Aug 2011 15:49 UTC in reply to "Simon Phipps' open-by-rule"
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Thanks, I thought I remembered seeing something like this before.

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