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Visopsys 0.61 Released

This Visopsys 0.61 maintenance release adds Disk Manager support for resizing NTFS filesystems and arbitrary partitions, purely unprivileged user-space processes, I/O port permissions and protection, IDE block mode I/O, Linux swap detection and clobber, improved atomic kernel locks, many C library additions, a calendar program, and bugfixes.

Visopsys 0.6 Released

Visopsys 0.6 introduces a host of new functionality including a cleaned up desktop with icons for browsing the computer, file systems, and administrative tasks, FAT defragmenting, ELF dynamic linking, a built in chain-boot loader and simple MBR formatting, file browsing widgets and dialogs, Windows .ico icon file support, a generic file viewing program, Italian keyboard support, new icons and a new splash screen.

Visopsys 0.58 Released

Likely the last of the Visopsys 0.5x series (a sparkly new 0.6 is imminent), this maintenance and bugfix release sports some new features such as EXT2 formatting, German keyboard layouts, GUID generation, and filesystem clobber. Version 0.58 also includes a number of important bugfixes to the featured Disk Manager partitioning program. Change log here and downloads here. As always, you can demo this tiny, full-GUI hobby OS from the ISO image or from a single floppy disk.

Visopsys 0.57 Released

Version 0.57 of Visopsys is now available for download. This is a bugfix and maintenance release. There are various GUI touch-ups, the Disk Manager (a.k.a. Partition Logic) now updates disk geometry information in FAT partitions after disk copy operations, the window 'list' component has been reimplemented, and a number of kernel improvements have been back-ported from the 0.6 development branch. As always, the ISO image is an installable live demo. Downloads here, changelog here, and Freshmeat announcement here.

Visopsys 0.56 Released

Visopsys is an alternative OS for PC-compatibles. Version 0.56 is a maintenance and bugfix release, with important fixes to eliminate potential boot problems, faulty EXT2/3 mounts, and problems with the detection of secondary hard disks. Important multitasker improvements related to process initialization have also been back-ported from the 0.6 development branch. Download page and changelog.

Visopsys 0.55 Released

Visopsys is an alternative operating system for PC compatible computers. Version 0.55 was released today. It is a maintenance and bugfix release that makes things a bit 'snappier' and more reliable, with some additional capabilities including installation support for all FAT filesystems, baseline PCI driver support, and a better organised device infrastructure. In addition, GUI window layout and resizing has been reimplemented and generally fixed. You can get it here.

Visopsys 0.54 Released

Visopsys is an alternative operating system for PC compatible computers. This is a maintenance release, with numerous small improvements and bugfixes including some general back- porting from the 0.6 development branch. In addition, IDE disk-to-disk operations have been improved so that they can happen in parallel, the kernel hardware drivers have been given a new interrupt handing interface, and there is some improved efficiency in a performance-critical section of the multitasker.

Visopsys 0.53 Released

Visopsys is an alternative hobby operating system for PC compatible computers. This is a maintenance release, with numerous small improvements and bugfixes. The kernel's file handling has been re-engineered, and the memory usage reporting tools have been enhanced. The Disk Manager once again reports correct disk sizes in megabytes. A file copying bug has been fixed. A number of unnecessary files and programs have been removed. A couple of small but potentially critical bits of the boot code have been refined.

Introducing the Visopsys OS

Visopsys is a new operating system for PCs. It has been in development since late 1997. The kernel is small and fast, operates exclusively in 32-bit mode, and features real preemptive multi-tasking and virtual memory. The package includes a small suite of UNIX- and DOS-like commands, with which most users will be familiar, although Visopsys is not - and does not try to be - a clone of any existing OS. The binary distribution features an easy-to-use Java installation program, which works on Linux, Windows, and Solaris. You can install and demo the distribution on a floppy disk. Screenshot.

Review: Four Alternative Operating Systems

"Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, SUSE, and Linspire are making headway in the desktop market, but if you want to try something really different, you can find other, less-well-known alternative operating systems. While these OSes may not be the most stable, or have the greatest hardware support, they offer some unique ideas." SkyOS, Haiku, Syllable and Visopsys are reviewed.

Partition Logic 0.57 Released

Partition Logic is a graphical, easy-to-use partitioning and hard disk management tool for PCs, based on the alternative Visopsys OS. It can create, delete, reorder and move partitions, and modify their attributes, as well as doing things like copying entire hard disks. It boots from a single floppy or CD image. Version 0.57 (freshmeat announcement) has a number of tweaks and some important bug fixes. A change log is here, and downloads are here.

BlueIllusionOS 0.06 Released

"BlueIllusion 0.06 is out for downloading and testing. The OS sports various programs and commands, its own editor, an XML-Library, which I'm gonna use for loading and parsing settings, a 32 bit GUI, RTC Support, IDE/ATAPI-Driver (big thanks go to Andy McLaughlin from Visopsys Project- I've ported his IDE/ATAPI driver), ISO9660-FS support and finally functional and usable pipes."

Partition Logic 0.55 Released

Partition Logic is a standalone graphical partitioning tool that boots from a single floppy disk or CD, intended to become a free-software alternative to certain well-known proprietary offerings. It's also an experiment in finding ways that a hobby OS (Visopsys) can be made useful/interesting to the sort of people who don't read OSNews. Release announcement here and download page here.