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Mac OS X The lack of announcements about 64-bit Carbon in Mac OS X Leopard created uncertainty about Carbon's 64bit capabilities in the developer community. But it seems like only the UI parts of the Carbon API are not ported to 64 bit - at least according to Apple engineers on the Apple mailing list.
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Actually you're wrong there. Carbon is equivalent to Win32: very few new project use it directly, but it does get used here and there in projects, and new Carbon APIs are frequently available. For example, if you read Will Shipley's blog, you'll see him complain about how, often times, Apple realised Carbon APIs for functonality first (e.g. Quicktime) and were very slow to provide Cocoa wrappers.

Cocoa therefore is more like .Net, it's nicer, they'd like everyone to use it, but even people who used it have to drop down to Win32/Carbon occasionally to so some stuff like configure quicktime or do some low-level work with iSight.

Incidentally, this is why Apple has transitioned most of Carbon to 64 bits: there's almost no single Cocoa app out there that doesn't use Carbon to some extent. And given that Apple was still releasing new Carbon only APIs with Tiger, it was hardly a surprise that developers expected it to continue.

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