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Windows "I feel for the folks hawking Vista right now. There are too many conflicting pieces of information coming out of Redmond to figure out what to tell customers - especially business customers - who are wondering when/whether to upgrade. Consider the evidence."
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At a normal software company...
by ma_d on Mon 25th Jun 2007 03:08 UTC
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When customers are reluctant to upgrade until a couple of sub releases in you simply ask them why and accept their reasons; then you attempt to work on them but realize that the solution to this problem may simply be a couple of sub releases before the software is ready for everyone.

At Microsoft they inform you that you're wrong, and this release is different. This one is the most stable and secure to date!

The only version of Windows that could have been expected to be a good general release immediately was XP because of the short term of development. And anyone who tried it before SP1 remembers thinking "why did I upgrade from Win2k?"

Want to know how to sell more copies of Windows Vista Microsoft? Listen to your customers and work as quickly as possible to get a solid service pack out soon. Fire the marketing department (you have one of the worst in the industry).

I'm very psyched about OS 10.5, and I'll probably still wait a while after its released to see what the updates and complaints look like before I dare to blow $130 and a few hours to do a clean install (it's my personal preference).

If I were a Windows user I wouldn't have upgraded to Vista until it'd been out for about a year. That's just how long it takes for windows device manufacturers and ISV's to catch up and for the platform to get a service pack fixing the initial issues.

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