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Microsoft "The more I think about Microsoft, the more I realise that they are, possibly for the first time, seriously cornered (or surrounded, depending on how you want to see it). A little history will clarify why I think so - and why I think that this might really be the beginning of the end for Microsoft."
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RE: Stop dreaming
by ma_d on Wed 4th Jul 2007 00:28 UTC in reply to "Stop dreaming"
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Oh please. Word doesn't display documents "exactly" as Word. WYSIWYG document editing has always been such a crap shoot that at this point consumers know better than to think what they see is what will really print.
And even if the post script (or whatever similar language is used) is exactly like the document view that says little about what your cheap printer will generate.

AFAICT, people don't use Open Office for three reasons:
1. They use Office and its advanced features (they're getting $300 worth out of Office).
2. They don't know what Open Office is.
3. They've heard of OOo, but fear anything they don't have to buy because AOL, and the other ad supported crap, have burned them out on ($$) free software.

Yes, OOo is tough on the RAM: Not that most Office users know how to check memory usage. And it's a bit slow, not that many of them would mind the short break while it loads in the morning. But from my experience, it's now a very nice document editor to use.

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