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General Development "A good programming language is far more than a simple collection of features. My ideal is to provide a set of facilities that smoothly work together to support design and programming styles of a generality beyond my imagination. Here, I briefly outline rules of thumb (guidelines, principles) that are being applied in the design of C++0x. Then, I present the state of the standards process (we are aiming for C++09) and give examples of a few of the proposals such as concepts, generalized initialization, being considered in the ISO C++ standards committee. Since there are far more proposals than could be presented in an hour, I'll take questions." Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup is the original designer and implementer of the C++ Programming Language.
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RE[2]: C: Esperanto
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When people talk of vastly superior languages, they are really talking about a shift in language application. People can do much more much quicker in Java/C#/Perl/Python/Ruby then in C/C++ (speaking from experience as a former Java/C/C++ programmer). Thus the application space for C/C++ shrinks, people move to more modern languages, and they begin to frame their discussions wrt those languages.

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