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GNU, GPL, Open Source The OSI License-Discuss mailing list has been ablaze for the past few days since Microsoft submitted its Permissive License to the OSI for official open source license approval. Jon Rosenberg, source program director for Microsoft, posted, "Microsoft believes that this license provides unique value to the open source community by delivering simplicity, brevity, and permissive terms combined with intellectual property protection."
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RE[6]: To be honest...
by ma_d on Tue 21st Aug 2007 02:44 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: To be honest..."
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I'm sorry you believe criminal law has to do with good and evil. It doesn't. Personally, I consider greed and monopoly action to be immoral (evil for me), but that wouldn't make it criminal even if everyone agreed with me.

That said, he was speaking informally; welcome to an Internet bulletin board. I suppose there was some formal context in the point, and in order to consider it as a real reason for the OSI to do something it would need to be formal. But I don't think he was trying to be formal, and neither way I (not about that at least).

We were simply trying to show just how dangerous this situation may be. But you're right, this is hardly an academic discussion. It's really an argument between those who respect Microsoft as a dangerous entity (fear) and those who value objectivity above that. It's unlikely to reach a compromise the parties can agree on as well, but then again what bulletin board argument ever has ;) .

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