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KDE The article yesterday on KDE4 triggered both Sebastian Kuegler and Aaron Seigo to respond via their blogs. Kuegler writes: "The Free Desktop and KDE have come a long way during the last years. There have been various huge changes in KDE's social structure, in it's infrastructure and of course in the sourcecode itself. I've split this into three different areas where I think a shift in paradigm has taken place." Seigo writes: "Mark my words: KDE4 is a revolution unfolding and you're getting to watch it all happen from the very beginning."
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RE: Marketing speak?
by postmodern on Fri 31st Aug 2007 00:51 UTC in reply to "Marketing speak?"
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Or one could look at the source-code. Look at their overall design and what features KDE4 implements.

That would seem to be more informative than reading into developer's blog posts.

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