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Google Google has finally released Android, the opensource platform that will be used by the Open Handset Alliance. The platform is based in the Linux kernel, freetype, sqlite, webkit, a 2D/3D subsystem and other pieces, but the application framework is built in Java using a embedded-optimized VM called Dalvik. The SDK is available for Linux, Mac and Win and it includes an emulator. Video here. Update: The WebKit browser failed to render the desktop version of OSNews, so now we feed it our mobile one.
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RE[2]: Uninspiring
by BryanFeeney on Tue 13th Nov 2007 10:30 UTC in reply to "RE: Uninspiring"
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I don't adore the iPhone, I simply believe it has set the standard for user-interface design in the next generation of phones. This hasn't addressed that, if anything, it's a replacement for the current generation of Blackberry / SmartPhone software.

Nor did I say it was pointless or useless, I said it was disappointing and uninspiring. Creating a struts-style library isn't particularly difficult, nor is creating a limited number of data-abstraction layers.

As a result, while it evidently simplifies mobile development, I don't think it has the necessary hook to really grab mobile-phone makers attention, and so is unlikely to succeed on a large scale. Look at it this way, Google almost certainly contacted Nokia about this platform several months ago, but Nokia have chosen to use Symbian for the iPhone clone, and their own software stack for their own phones.

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