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Apple The saga surrounding Apple's policies concerning the App Store hasn't reached its climax just yet. After several seemingly arbitrary application rejections, high profile developers quitting iPhone development, and Apple adding a non-disclosure clause to its App Store rejection emails, we now have another high-profile Mac developer contemplating giving up iPhone development. Craig Hockenberry, of The Iconfactory, has written a public letter to Steve Jobs, detailing his worries that Apple's restrictive App Store policies are detrimental to the young platform.
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Not that I disagree with your basic statement, but I was a DOS/Windows developer for quite a few years, and this part of your statement:

"You nailed it, and it's this attitude that will further cement them as such a niche product. Microsoft (love them or hate them) is very developer friendly, and it's because of them openly embracing developers that Windows (as a platform) has flourished so much over the years."

Is not quite true. Microsoft is very developer friendly, until your product gets above a certain point on their radar, then they will either buy you out, create their own version of your product, or failing that, find some other way to put you out of business.

Sorry, don't mean to change the topic, but I've seen way too many good companies and independent developers get buried by Microsoft.

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