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OSNews, Generic OSes Contiki is an operating system for networked embedded systems such as radio-equipped networked sensors that have 8-bit CPUs with a few kilobytes of memory and a few milliwatts of power budget. Within these constraints, Contiki provides full IP networking, multi-hop radio routing, a web server, a telnet server, and a networked command-line shell. The 2.2.2 release contains uIPv6, the world's smallest fully compliant IPv6 stack, SICSlowpan IPv6-over-802.15.4 header compression, and command line tools for HTTP interaction: wget and httpd.
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RE: Hmm
by DoctorPepper on Tue 18th Nov 2008 17:18 UTC in reply to "Hmm"
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Chuck Norris vs Adam Dunkels, who'd code the smallest web server? Now, we may think we know the answer to that one, but thinking more about it, I for one am actually willing to bet on Adam.

Code? Ha! so much you know! Chuck Norris would just PUNCH the Apache web server down to size! :-D

Seriously, this is cool stuff. Thanks Contiki team!

/sorry, couldn't help myself.

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