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Amiga & AROS

Hyperion Entertainment Cvba in Sint-Agatha-Berchem (Brussel) was declared bankrupt by the court in Brussel on 27-01-2015. The appointed curator is Bert Dehandschutter. The company number is 466380552. The (main) activity of Hyperion Entertainment Cvba is computer programming, consultancy and related activities.

Hyperion is the company that developers AmigaOS 4.x. I've never quite understood how, exactly, the licensing situation was arranged - the owned the right to develop the operating system, but did not own the brands and operating system itself etc. etc. - but let's just hope this isn't the end of the road for AmigaOS.

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RE: I took so long?
by -pekr- on Sun 15th Feb 2015 12:54 UTC in reply to "I took so long?"
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Well, it is not about the PowerPC madness in the Amiga world, but about not having any other chances :-)

When was Hyperion contracted, the contract allowed them to use AmigaOS brand (not even Amiga as a standalone name) for the PPC HW. Then the lawsuit happened between the Amiga Inc. and Hyperion, and Hyperion won, so they can continue to develop AmigaOS, but only for the PPC.

But generally, I found bot Hyperion's and MorpOS guys initial arguments quite weak - their opinion was, that if AmigaOS/MorphOs would run on general PC, noone would use them seriously. My claim is quite opposite - I am not willing to buy expensive PowerPC machine to run just AmigaOS.

Well, not sure what drive A-eon owners to produce such HW, buy SW titles, update them, I believe it is not a vital business, but sponsored activity of the company owner ... well, just my guess :-)

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