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Today we are very proud to announce the 1.0 release of Rust, a new programming language aiming to make it easier to build reliable, efficient systems. Rust combines low-level control over performance with high-level convenience and safety guarantees. Better yet, it achieves these goals without requiring a garbage collector or runtime, making it possible to use Rust libraries as a "drop-in replacement" for C. If you'd like to experiment with Rust, the "Getting Started" section of the Rust book is your best bet (if you prefer to use an e-reader, Pascal Hertleif maintains unofficial e-book versions as well).

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by le_c on Sat 16th May 2015 09:18 UTC
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I like the idea of Rust but every time I look into the doc it just looks ugly and very complicated. Has it any safety advantage over Nim? Nim looks much nicher and simpler compared to Rust!

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