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Original OSNews Interviews A Hong Kong-based startup run by former Mozilla President Li Gong aims to take on Android with its new Web-based operating system, H5OS. Similar to the Firefox operating system from Mozilla, H50S is based on HTML5, a website development language that tries to give Web apps the same capabilities as so-called native applications that are downloaded to a device like the iPhone. More on H5OS here.
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RE[2]: HTML5 + WebAssembly
by acobar on Thu 16th Jul 2015 14:41 UTC in reply to "RE: HTML5 + WebAssembly"
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Well, I hope you miss on this but I strongly suspect you will not. o.O

I wish they use the opportunity to bring also a little bit of more standardization to the chaos presented to us by so many levels of abstractions / meta-factories / indirections / virtualizations on the code side.

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