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After skipping the month of July, Google is back in August with the latest distribution numbers for each version of Android. The numbers show that Android Lollipop is now on 18.1 percent of devices, making the jump from 12.4 percent when distribution numbers were last reported in June. Interestingly, KitKat is now on 39.3 percent, marking a tiny increase from 39.2 percent when numbers were last reported. Jelly Bean took a slight dive, making up 33.6 percent of installs, down from 37.4 percent in June.

I always find these distribution numbers depressing.

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RE: Depressing
by martini on Tue 4th Aug 2015 17:17 UTC in reply to "Depressing"
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It is depressing and it sucks, agree.

I think that manufacturers like PC-Makers at the end they never feel compelled to upgrade the operating systems of PCs.

On a PC the users were the responsible of updating his Operating System. But on Windows it was easy, the PC was standard and when you go from WinXP to Win7 you can do it your self, it will run and you may have a problem with drivers or not. So manufacturers stopped caring about OS updates on PCs, they only see it as "is the hardware that I'm selling right now is running, good, so I don't care about future releases of the OS"

But Android has to be compiled for each kind of processor, so even if it is open source and free to use, it adds a complexity that we didn't have before on PCs.

And manufacturers sucks, they do not only not update their phones, but they also lock them so you can not do it on your own with a development community.

People think that the solution is for one company to have all the control on the device and OS, which I don't share. There has to be a better way.... but I don't see it coming yet.

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