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AMD's benchmarks showed that the top Ryzen 7 1800X, compared to the 8-core Intel Core i7-6900K, both at out-of-the-box frequencies, gives an identical score on the single threaded test and a +9% in the multi-threaded test. AMD put this down to the way their multi-threading works over the Intel design. Also, the fact that the 1800X is half of the price of the i7-6900K.

If these promises and benchmarks hold up, Intel will be facing some incredibly tough competition on the desktop/laptop side for the first time in a long, long time.

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RE: Intel is in trouble
by lsatenstein on Thu 23rd Feb 2017 17:23 UTC in reply to "Intel is in trouble"
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Seems to be a Donald Trump symtom. Only the numbers matter. Intel thought they could get away with no R&D department. Guess they are wrong. Now it will take 2 years to catch up to where AMD is today.

Intel will see a 45 degree downward slope. Companies will be trying to get out of their long-term contracts.

And Intel will rebrand the same chip so as to match AMD's offering.

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